Green Shoots And Challenges In Retail

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Overall retail and food sales stalled in April in the face of increasing prices and the absence of stimulus checks that powered a large increase in March. In brick-and-mortar retail, Neighborhood Goods recently rolled out a new in-store concept named The Marketplace that curates and showcases different consumer packaged goods. And in digital currencies, consumers want to use cryptocurrency to pay for retail purchases. All this, Today in Data.


$620B: Approximate monthly retail sales for April 2021.

59%: Share of consumers who never owned crypto who are interested in using it to make purchases in the future.

28%: Portion of millennials who either own or have owned at least one type of cryptocurrency.

10K: Approximate square footage of Neighborhood Goods’ locations.

0.6%: Decrease in sales for non-store retailers from March to April.

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