Bitcoin Daily: eBay Is Considering Taking Crypto As Payment, Allowing Sale Of NFTs; Thailand To Require ID To Open Crypto Accounts

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eBay CEO Jamie Iannone told CNBC that he is optimistic about the future for his company, including with the potential for the eCommerce site to introduce non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

He said the company is expanding payments, including ways to pay via Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as other options like cryptocurrency, according to CNBC.

In terms of NFTs, he said per CNBC that new trends show up on eBay as they always have, so the company is looking at how to explore NFTs.

Iannone told CNBC that everything collectible had been on the site for decades, and the company is considering ways to expand with NFTs. That will include examining “how to make eBay simpler for buyers.”

In other news, opening a new cryptocurrency account in Thailand will now come with new digital identity verification requirements, the Bangkok Post reported.

The Anti-Money Laundering Office (Amlo) said local digital exchanges would have to verify customers’ identities through a “dip chip” machine, requiring clients to be physically present, the report stated.

That requirement will go into effect in September, according to Poramin Insom, co-founder and director of Satang Corp., per the report.

“Most digital asset exchanges are still busy preparing their systems to accommodate the growing number of clients as new account applications continue to flow in,” Poramin said, according to the report. “However, this growth may be curbed if the application process becomes more complicated.”

The new rule will mark a change from how digital account opening process is currently done, as every step happens electronically. But the report noted that exchanges will now need more time to approve accounts, having to recheck accounts and determine if the documents submitted are in compliance with securities regulations for the know your customer (KYC) process.

Documents will have to be rechecked if it turns out there had been fake documents or if a customer is residing in a place where crypto trading is banned, the report stated. There were 697,780 cryptocurrency accounts nationwide as of April 26.

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