Coupon Apps Prove Rewarding Per Latest Provider Ranking

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Anybody miss clipping coupons? We didn’t think so, yet there’s no shortage of coupon love.

Looking at the latest PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Coupon Apps we see a vibrant sector of consumer savings on every imaginable item as the app crowd caters to the needs and wants of the bargain-obsessed.

The Top 5

We talk a lot in this space about the importance of stability in app markets, as the digital-first economy rides on consumer sentiment like the analog economy does — only much faster.

Invoking that sense of firmness we find the Ibotta rewards app still at No. 1, go-go Groupon grounded at No. 2, and Honey Smart Shopping Assistant sitting sweetly at No. 3.

Upending the apple cart just a bit at No. 4 this time out is the Flipp weekly deals app climbing one spot to enter the Top 5, pushing the GoodRX app to No. 5 and closing out this Top 5.

The Top 10

Continuing on, the GasBuddy app stays put at No. 6 for another month, as does the Rakuten rewards app cozy at No. 7,  while at No. 8 it’s once again.

Here’s a big changeup that we didn’t signal from the top. Think of it as a hidden Easter egg.

Entering the Top 10 at No. 9 is the Shopkick app, offering rewards for shopping activities.

Closing out the elite ranks of PYMNTS latest Provider Ranking of Coupon Apps is coupon aggregator app RetailMeNot dropping one spot to No. 10 and completing this Top 10.

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