Today In B2B: ERPs Broaden B2B Payments Capabilities; Bloomberg Broadens Credit Risk Data Pool

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Today in B2B, Bloomberg broadens its credit risk data pool, and two ERP solutions secure B2B payments integrations. Plus, Everlink strikes a partnership for real-time B2B payments.

Bloomberg To Incorporate Credit Risk Data

Bloomberg customers will now be able to use the news site’s terminal to look at Credit Benchmark‘s credit risk data, which comes from risk views of the world’s largest financial institutions, according to a press release. Clients will also be able to use the data for an enterprise use case, the release stated. Bloomberg is providing the data in the current global economic crisis to aid the markets with ready, accessible information that is timely and transparent for active credit assessments and predictive models to assess the volatility of the current market. The release stated firms have more often been looking for data to validate their own internal counterparty and credit risk assessment. They also look to supplement the external ratings from outside companies. Firms can bolster risk management, loan and debt underwriting, portfolio optimization, supply chain risk management and investment idea generation, the release stated. They can also assess ongoing credit quality.

Everlink, FINTAINIUM Team Up To Offer Real-Time B2B, B2C Payments

Everlink Payment Services is teaming with workflow solutions provider FINTAINIUM to offer B2B and B2C payments in real time, leveraging the ISO 20022 global standard, according to a press release. As digital payments continue to reshape the field, particularly because of the pandemic, the partnership sees a solution using Everlink’s eHub Digital Payments Platform integrated to help with real-time payments powered by FINTAINIUM. Commercial banking platforms, small businesses, corporations and government entities alike can access the service, the release stated. It will give them the ability to send or request real-time bulk payments without the usual associated high costs. The partnership will afford companies the ability to streamline end-to-end workflows with a single software solution, allowing for reductions in manual work, expenses and risk that come with cash use, according to the release.

Palette Software Integrates With Aptean ERP For B2B AP Automation

Palette Software has connected its accounts payable (AP) automation cloud technology with Aptean ERP, according to a Monday (Nov. 2) announcement. Enterprise business software firm Aptean offers targeted enterprise resource planning (ERP), compliance and supply chain management solutions to firms throughout the globe, according to the announcement. The connection will let firms that have invested in Aptean digitize their AP processes with Palette’s offering. “The Aptean integration gives companies using Aptean the opportunity to have a ‘touchless’ accounts payable process as Palette not only gives organizations an optimized approval workflow, but takes the drudgery and inefficiency out of [purchase order] PO matching,” Palette Software Director of Business Process Consulting Roxanne Imrick said in the announcement.

APS Payments Adds B2B Capabilities For Sage X3

APS Payments, which works in omnichannel B2B payments, is integrating tech with enterprise resource planning (ERP) product Sage X3 to allow for quick and secure payments, according to a press release. Customers can use APS ClickToPay and APSPays Vault in the Sage X3 financial module, the release stated. Sage X3 is designed specifically for medium-sized businesses, the release stated, offering financial operational management in a quick, simple manner. With APS ClickToPay, companies can have customer invoices paid directly to accounts receivable. And with APSPays Vault, companies can store information securely and access reporting tools for reconciliation. And, users can access Level 3 B2B processing, offering greater payments controls and lower rates, according to the release.

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