Aggregator Rankings Deliver News Of Change

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Mobile delivery aggregators — “aggregators” for short—turned the fragmented home delivery model into a multi-billion-dollar industry that’s placed itself at the forefront of consumer tech.

PYMNTS latest Provider Ranking of Aggregators tracks the apps in this space because it’s our journalistic duty, and also because the app race in the order delivery space is also kind of exciting. As proof we turn to this month’s Ranking, and the several surprises it contains.

The Top 5

Not sprinting from its familiar position at No. 1 is DoorDash, on recent news of its Sam’s Club partnership on same-day prescription delivery. Samey-same with Uber Eats at No. 2 which made pandemic innovations like contactless tipping this year. The stunner this month is at No. 3 where we find Deliveroo, rising four spots to land in the top 3. Amazon taking a stake in the U.K. based platform may have something to do with that. At No. 4 is Grubhub having recently reported strong financials, followed by Just Eat dropping one spot to No. 5.

The Top 10

Moving further down into the Top 10, Zomato takes No. 6 in the wake of its recent fundraise and subsequent $3.4 billion valuation. At No. 7 is Postmates, rising two spots from the last Aggregator Ranking, followed by Glovo holding its No. 8 ground. At No. 9 Instacart drops four spots from the previous Ranking and remains in the Top 10, and Canada-based Skip The Dishes keeps its place at No. 10, closing out PYMNTS’ latest Provider Ranking of Aggregators.

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